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Membership Requirements

In order to become an active member of the New Jersey Homicide Investigators Association you must be a municipal, county, state, or federal agent and/or other public funded certified and/or reserve law enforcement officer. This includes any full time employed law enforcement technicians, correctional officer, forensic examiner, forensic technicians, county coroner, prosecuting attorneys, and any of their investigative staff members, who are involved in death investigations and /or prosecutions.  Retired investigators may be eligible for an Associate Membership.  See below for details.

  • Active Membership. Active Membership may be conferred on any personnel employed full time by a governmental law enforcement agency, including supporting forensic agencies, under the laws of any state or nation, whose duties and responsibilities include the assignment in homicide investigations, or supervision and management of the agency’s homicide investigations, or prosecutors/district attorneys, or coroners shall have full voting rights and privileges of the association, may make nominations, and hold office within the association.
  • Associate Membership. Associate Membership may be conferred upon any person not eligible for active membership, but qualified by virtue of training and expertise in police or other law enforcement activities, or by other professional attainments in police science or administration. Associate Members shall have all benefits of membership except the right to hold office or vote.
  • Agency Memberships.  On April 11, 2011, the Board unanimously voted to authorize group memberships for law enforcement agencies.  Agency memberships are ideal for departments who pay for their officer’s membership dues.  This membership allows the agency to receive one invoice for all officers.  Additionally, agencies will receive a discount on dues through this membership.   To accomodate transfers, retirements, etc., agencies are permitted to change the names of the officers that are members at any time. The categories for agency memberships are:

*1-5 Officers: Dues – $200 first year/$100 any additional year(s)

*6-10 Officers: Dues – $425 first year/$200 any additional year(s)

*11-15 Officers: Dues – $625 first year/$250 any additional year (s)

*16-25 Officers: $1000 first year/$250 any additional year(s)

*More than 25 Officers please contact the NJHIA.

To learn more about agency membership or request an invoice for your department, please contact NJHIA     Treasurer Jeff Procaccino at


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