The New Jersey Homicide Investigators Association was established to foster the following ideals regarding death investigations:

  • Provide investigative support, assistance, training, education, resources, leadership, expertise and networking opportunities for all of those involved in the investigation of homicides within the State of New Jersey in order to enhance an investigator's ability to solve crimes.
  • Facilitate inter-agency cooperation and partnerships.
  • Promote mutual interest, disseminate facts and other information relative to homicides and death investigations, improve investigative techniques, and improve the standards, qualifications, and knowledge of homicide investigators.
  • Provide homicide investigators an opportunity to exchange information relative to homicide investigations and to encourage such exchange of investigations.
  • Support and encourage regular training sessions, workshops, and special investigative seminars.
  • Establish a network for other law enforcement agencies across the United States.
  • Promote quality homicide investigations within the State of New Jersey